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We have enlarged our main karate studio with a new waiting area and more!


We are open and taking safety precautions.

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Find out about our adult martial arts classes offered near the Meyerland, Bellaire and Westbury areas in Houston, TX.

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Kid karate classes in southwest Houston. Plus, after school care available with child transportation from nearby schools.

Alex Ndem

Sensei Alex Ndem

6th Degree Black Belt and former member of the US Shotokan National Karate Team, Sensei Alex Ndem is a two time world champion.

What Sensei Alex Ndem's students say:

"I was specially looking for a school to learn WKF style Sparring. What I found was more than I could imagine. Sensei Alex is genuine and take time to help with your technique. Additionally, he is an World Renown Kumite Champion, so what you are learning from him are techniques that work."

"By far the best dojo here in Texas, Sensei Alex has pushed me beyond my limits to become the best Karate fighter I have ever been, inside the dojo and out."

"Alex’s teaching style is very mature. By that I mean his style does not involve shaming or unreasonable expectations but rather calm and persistent coaching in the pursuit of improving Kihon and Kata."