Olympic Karate reopens with safety precautions

Olympic Karate and Sports Center Houston is reopening June 1st.

Due to the threat of COVID-19, we are taking the following safety precautions.

  • Parents will not be allowed inside
  • Children will be dropped off and picked up
  • All students must wear masks
  • Students who are sick or have fever will not be able to train until healthy again

Our dojo has been closed since mid-March, and we are nearing our third month without students, income to take care of the rent, supplies, maintenance, and for the salaries of our employees.

With the reopening of businesses in Texas and the start of summer vacation, we are reopening our doors and welcoming our OKSC family back.

However, we do not anticipate reopening without adequate support from external sources since we were unable to secure relief funds from the stimulus package. Therefore, any assistance on your part would be greatly appreciated. 


Sensei Alex has missed you. We are looking forward to helping you train again!

Stay strong.